Lifesaving provides a unique environment for young and old to enjoy. It is an activity where members can have fun, play sport, keep fit and make friends, while gaining education about the beach and water safety.

To commence enjoying the privileges of Copacabana Life Saving Club all you need to do is complete a Membership Application and submit it together with the appropriate Membership Fee for the Category chosen. For family memberships, this means the primary adult member, who must then make those rules known to the rest of the family membership. Any member over 16yrs must also complete a Member Protection Form.

Member Registration

Surf Life Saving Australia has an online membership info system called “Lifesaving Online”. Register on this and update your details. Then all will be done for you at rego day, all you need do is pay your fees and pick up any uniform or clothing items you may require.


The process to register to use Lifesaving Online is to go to

By you ensuring your details are correct it will help us make sure the registration days go smoothly. We would especially like you to make sure your email address, mobile number and emergency contact details are correct.



Membership Fees - Members have to pay annual fees before participating in club activities.


Categories of Membership:

Nipper Age Groups

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Membership Application Form
Member Protection Form
Member Information Booklet



1st October 1998 to 30th September 1999 U/14
1st October 1999 to 30th September 2000 U/13
1st October 2000 to 30th September 2001 U/12
1st October 2001 to 30th September 2002 U/11
1st October 2002 to 30th September 2003 U/10
1st October 2003 to 30th September 2004 U/9
1st October 2004 to 30th September 2005 U/8
1st October 2005 to 30th September 2006 U/7
1st October 2006 to 30th September 2007 U/6


Benefits of Membership Club Activities include training, competitions, events, beach patrols and social functions in the Members Club Room. Club Facilities for ACTIVE PATROLLING MEMBERS….The club rewards active patrolling members with a number of exclusive benefits. These include: Hot Showers, Gym access, a locker for your family & Craft Storage. These benefits are only extended to those who fulfill their patrolling requirements.