Patrol Captain - Silver Medallion
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This accreditation is valid for 3 years.
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age on the date of accreditation.
  • Hold a current SLSA award. (Such as Bronze Medallion or Radio Operators or Advanced Resuscitation).
  • Have held a Bronze Medallion.

Learning Outcomes:

Manage people and their training in patrol and beach management
  • Identify capability and roles of personnel on surf rescue patrol.
  • Verify potential roles and needs for training and education of patrol members.
  • Develop and deliver desirable training and education strategies.
  • Select and review training and education of patrol members.
  • Implement systems for general welfare of patrol members.
Manage and co-ordinate resources.
  • Identify and verify potential resources (equipment and personnel) for emergency rescue.
  • Determine roles for personnel and use of resources in emergency rescue
  • Apply and review resources to achieve strategies.
Implement regulations.
  • Identify relevant government legislative responsibilities for surf rescue operations.
  • Identify relevant SLSA responsibilities for surf rescue operations.
  • Determine appropriate application of legislative and SLSA responsibilities.
  • Implement appropriate legislative and SLSA responsibilities.
Manage information flow.
  • Determine appropriate information systems for relevant surf rescue operations.
  • Collect, verify, record information.
  • Manage and disseminate information.
Select and plan an emergency management response
  • Determine emergency situations and issues in rescues.
  • Identify and select possible strategies for aquatic rescue and emergencies.
  • Identify and solve potential problems of implementation.
  • Design for implementation an emergency response plan.
  • Implement planned actions.
  • Review and modify planned strategies and actions.
Satisfy the accredited course presenter in respect to their competence in all learning outcomes by
  • Written/oral examination
  • Group presentation.
  • Rescue Scenario simulation.
Candidates are required to attend an annual update/ inservice to maintain currency.