Nipper Contacts/Age Managers

The Director of Junior Development's role is to co-ordinate Sunday nippers, the activity of the Age Managers and oversee the surf education and ensure proficiencies have been met.

The Junior Team Manager's role is to coordinate the competition side of Nippers, including team selections, coaching/training and Copacabana representatives at carnivals.

Age Managers

At this stage majority of the Age Manager roles have been filled. Thankyou to all of those parents who have done so. As always when dealing with children, the more hands on deck, the better. Throughout the season we would love to see all parents involved in some way with their child’s Nippers program. Please speak to your child’s Age Manager to let them know of your willingness to participate.


Kitchen Manager

Parents can contact our Kitchen Manager to find out when/how you can assist in setup and kitchen duties.