Getting Started

Copacabana Nippers occurs every Sunday, sign on at 8.45am and finishes about 10.00 depending on weather, conditions, program, helpers etc. During the season we will have a few “Twilight” Nippers on a Saturday afternoon and Family Fun days, so keep an eye out. The initial part of Nippers will be a Surf Education& fun session focusing on confidence in the surf and developing lifesaving skills.

Nipper Pool Fun Day

Kincumber Pool (Kerta Road) will be booked for all U8’s – U14’s to complete their Nipper Proficiencies.


All u8’s – U14’s Nippers will attend the pool rather than the beach on this day. All U6’s & U7’s will participate in their regular Nippers at Copa Beach.


We have booked the Inflatable Fun for all of the kids to enjoy once they have completed their timed swim & a BBQ & tea/coffee will be available for you for breakfast!


Cost: $5.00 per child
Payable to: your child’s Age manager , 1st day of Nippers

Please refer to the table below to see what your child has to complete on the day.

Age Group Participation Skill Requirement
U 8 &U 9 25m swim (any stroke)
1min survival float
U 10 25m swim (freestyle)
1.5 min survival float
U11 & U12 50m/100m swim respectively (freestyle)
2 min survival float
U13 150m/200m swim respectively (freestyle)
3 min survival float
U14 200m swim (freestyle) in under 5 minutes
3 min survival float