There are 3 Club Championship/Point Score sessions throughout the Season for the Under 8’s – Under 14’s where points are recorded for each child in each event, the best 2 point score days results will be used to award age champion. These point score days will also be used for team selections for carnivals. Under 6s and under 7s will also participate in point score days and will be awarded place ribbons on the day. Under 6s and 7s do not have age champions, they are all “Champions”.

Seniors and masters will also participate in these 3 point score days where possible.

Seniors and Masters have one club championship day.



At the end of the Nippers season all children who attend 50% or more Nippers days will receive a participation trophy at the presentation.


Inter-Club Competition

There are Senior and Junior carnivals (inter-club competition) held at various beaches around the Central Coast during the season. They are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays, spread throughout the summer from October till the end of March. Carnivals are a great place to compete as an individual and in teams. While competitive, they are taken with good humor and much encouragement. Competitors and their families often enjoy a great day or two together representing Copacabana as a team! They are a great source of Club Spirit!


The club must supply approximately 10-12 water safety officers per carnival, and 1 beach official per 7 competitors. Parents are expected to assist in this regard. Age Managers and officials training courses are held each year and parents are encouraged to attend.


Age groups in lifesaving are generally determined by the age that you are, as at midnight on the 30th September at the beginning of the season (ie if 9yo then you will be in u/10). More information on the types and rules of events conducted can be obtained by reading the ‘Competition Handbook’ downloadable from


At junior levels our club focus is more on fun and learning rather than winning. A child’s best is always good enough. Health, improvement and good sportsmanship should be seen as the primary goals.


Clubs earn points from placings at carnivals and these go towards an annual Premiership. Winning clubs are awarded trophies or equipment at the end of the season. Note: U6’s and U7’s do not compete in carnivals. Where possible Nippers will still be held on carnival days for those age groups not involved and those who prefer not to compete.

It is important that you inform your Age Manager of your intention to compete at least 2 weeks prior to the carnival to allow for registration of the club competitors, selections of teams, allocation of officials and water safety personnel. If you would like more information about attending carnivals please speak with your Age Manager or the Junior Team Manager.


Officials for Competitions
We need parents who are willing to do training to obtain accreditation that will allow them to become an official at competitions. We are required to supply officials according to the number of competitors we send, so more assistance is always gratefully received. If we do not have the appropriate number of officials some of our children will be turned away.


Carnival Training Sessions
At 10.00am – 11.00am Nippers can stay on to participate in the Carnival Training session. This will give those who are interested in competing in carnivals the opportunity to develop and improve their competition skills.  Attendance at the competition training is by no means compulsory however if a child wishes to attend the Carnival Training session, they must first attend the 9am Surf Education session.


Children must be signed on prior to commencing nippers and signed off by the parent/guardian on the beach at the end of nippers.


All Nippers (excluding under 6s and under 7s) must complete a pool swim before they are permitted to participate in any water activities at Nippers, including board training. This is a ruling handed down from Surf Life Saving Australia for the safety of your children.


Under 9’s – Under 14’s who wish to compete at carnivals (even in beach events) are also required to do further proficiency testing at the beach. They must complete an open water swim, this will be done in Nippers time on Sundays.


Costs of Carnival Participation

Entry fees for local nipper carnivals are included in your membership. If you wish to compete at the State Age Championships, entry fees are payable. Seniors and Masters competitors pay for every carnival they enter. Entry fees are set by the Host club.. Nippers are to advise their Age Managers 2 weeks before each carnival if they wish to compete. Seniors and Masters, please advise your Team Manager at least one week prior to competition if they wish to attend. Entries close the Wednesday prior to the Carnivals.