Our Committee

Copacabana SLSC is managed by a committee of volunteer members in the areas of Club President, Administration, Lifesaving, Training/Education, Member Services, Competition, Junior Activities, Finance, Social Activities, Member Protection & Clubhouse Mgt. These positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the club. The Executive Committee is charged with the conduct and development of the club and its operations in all of the above areas as well as our commercial operations including the cafe and function centre. The Committee meet once a month at the club. If you have any issues to raise, you are welcome to attend. If you have something you would like to add to the agenda, please contact the appropriate director prior to the meeting date.
President Gay Langbridge
0414 265 583

As a member of the Executive Committee and the leader of the organisation, the President role generally is to:

  • Oversee the general management of the club.
  • Have a strong basic understanding of all facets of surf club operations.
  • Liaise between Copa Committee, Surf Life Saving Central Coast (SLSCC) and Gosford City Council (GCC)
  • Attend and chair monthly club meetingsHolds casting vote in club meetings.
  • Attend bi-monthly Presidents meeting at SLSCC
  • Represents Copa SLSC at council and community events ie; Awards ceremonies and local Copa public school speech day.
Vice President Darren Bragg
4382 3229

A member of the Executive Committee, the Vice President roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Supports and substitutes the role of President as needed
  • Assists with general direction of the club as it develops
  • Seeks new opportunities to further improve member to member, member to club and club to community relationships
  • Look for ways to improve internal management systems
  • Attend monthly committee meeting (and act as chair when needed)
Director of Administration DJ Greenwood
0415 118 167

Part of the Executive committee, the DoA conducts all club administration tasks including but not limited to:

  • Receiving e-mails and distribute them to the responsible persons;
  • Attending monthly committee meetings; preparing the agenda for this meeting and making up the minutes;
  • Organising the Senior Presentation evening (slideshow, presents, awards);
  • Making the Annual Report for the AGM.
  • Assist with registering new members on the registration-day.
Director of Finance Paul Theys
0412 207 081

Part of the Executive Committee, the DoF is responsible for all financial and budgetary tasks within the club including but not limited to:

  • Overseeing all income streams for the club, i.e. bar, kitchen, BBQ, hall hire
  • Perform all financial accounting for the club by keeping accurate records
  • Prepare end of year accounts and present audited financial statements to the Annual General Meeting
  • Manage all payments and receipts from, and to the club
  • Prepare annual budgets
  • Attend monthly meetings and advise the committee of the club's financial position on an ongoing basis.
    Director of Lifesaving Bronwyn Selfe
    0404 680 561
    Director of Junior Development Charlie Isbester
    0415 272 646
    Director of Surf Sports David Brooks
    0414 431 340
    Committee Members (3) Ian White
    Matt de Ville
    0437 592 868
    Vice Club Captain Warren Blackwell
    0412 481 900
    Chief Instructor Ruth Freer
    0413 093 477
    IRB Captain Phil Anderson
    0416 057 616
    Radio Officer Warren Blackwell
    0412 481 900
    First Aid Officer Miriam Moore
    0403 946 905
    Assistant Treasurer      
    Assistant to DOA Jennefer Cleeren
    0407 489 449
    Assistant to JAC      
    Sponsorship Officer David Brooks
    0414 431 340
    Sponsorship Officer - Grants Vacant
    Registrar Paul Duignan
    0418 118 905
    Publicity Officer Matt de Ville
    0437 592 868

    This role is part of the clubs Extended Committee. Working into the Executive Committee, this very important role includes:

    • Administration in Surfguard and maintenance of mailing groups for Member emails & Txt Messages
    • Communication to members for all events, carnivals, training, social activities etc using Email, Txt Messages, Website (including Facebook and Twitter administration).
    • Preparation and distribution of newsletters
    • Maintenance of the Surf Club website
    • Preparation of Member Information Booklet (gathering input from Committee) for new members on Registration Day and publish on website.
    Member Protection Officer Vacant
    Bronwyn Selfe
    0404 680 561
    Grievence Officer Paul Duignan
    0418 118 905
    Social Activities Co-ordinator Trudy Baron
    0401 324 733

    This role is part of the Extended Committee and works into the Executive Committee. It is a dynamic role that is responsible for providing social and interaction opportunities for club members. Responsibilities include but not limited to:

    • Create and work with a team to set the yearly social calendar, including pre-existing club events, as well as new engagements
    • Plan and implement the Senior Presentation Night and Sundowners
    • Create other social functions such as Trivia/Band/Poker nights
    • Provide a ‘duty manager’ to each event to oversee the success and safety of the event
    Social Activities Team Deb Hutchings
    0400 655 591
    Uniform Managers Elisa Hammond  
    Bar Manager Vacant
    Kitchen Manager Vacant
    Function Enquiries Nicola Seisun
    0419 198 852
    Licensee Garry Andrew
    0434 104 731
    House Manager David Brooks
    0414 431 340
    Gear Officer      
    Board and ski      
    Rookie Co-ordinator Di Capps
    0407 436 849
    Youth Co-ordinator Clare Isbester 0420 227 229  
    Junior Team Manager David Brooks
    0414 431 340
    Senior Team Manager    
    Masters Team Manager Bronwyn Selfe
    0404 680 561

    This role works into the Dir of Surf Sports and is responsible for managing our masters competitors. Responsibilities include:

    • Online Registrations of all masters’ competitors into local, branch, state and Australian title carnivals.
    • Organisation of teams for all competitions prior to registration.
    • Verification of active members/master competitors patrol hours.
    • Organisation and running of Copacabana Masters Club Championship Events.
    • Correlation of results from all carnivals and interclub championship events to determine age champions, interclub champion, masters’ competitor of the year.
    • Collection of State/Aussies Medal Competitors jackets for embroidering.
    • Assisting with annual Supa Surfer and Point to Point event. This includes timing of competitors and correlation of results to determine winner outcomes.


    Water Coach      
    Beach Coach      
    R&R March Past Coach Gary Andrews
    0432 257 306